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How to Make a Scrunchie Course

How to Make a Scrunchie Course

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Do you want to learn how to make a scrunchie?

Do you want to improve your elastic and/or sizes for your current scrunchie business?

Are you interested in learning different tips and tricks on how to make a scrunchie?

Then you are in the right spot!

In this digital course, you will instantly receive a downloadable PDF with step by step written instructions. In the PDF, there's a link to a private Facebook group where you can watch a video on how to make a scrunchie and ask any scrunchie related questions!

Kate shares all of her scrunchie secrets in this course including what elastic, fabric, labels and tools she uses (the links are either from Canadian or American websites).


1. Knowing how to use a sewing machine (we do not cover anything directly related to how to sew, how to use your sewing machine, how to fix your sewing machine etc)

2. A Facebook account so you can watch the video and ask any questions!

Due to the delivery of this course, it is final sale.